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Nancy Newby finally finds the solution at St.Vincent

After six failed surgeries, Nancy Newby found herself desperately looking for answers. In October 2011, a motorcycle accident left Nancy with a shattered elbow. Other surgeries at other hospitals finally resulted in Nancy’s physician to say that … Read more


OrthoIndy Trauma Care Now Available Exclusively at St.Vincent Health

OrthoIndy trauma surgeons bring decades of combined experience to the St.Vincent TraumaCenter. Indianapolis, IN (February 13, 2013) — OrthoIndy announced today that OrthoIndytrauma care is now exclusively available at St.Vincent Indianapolis. … Read more

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St.Vincent, OrthoIndy Partner to Create Indiana’s Largest Orthopedic Practice

St.Vincent Health and OrthoIndy are pleased to announce a partnership that will expand the availability of top-ranked orthopedic services for all Indiana residents. For more than 40 years, OrthoIndy (click here to visit their website) has … Read more


Free Orthopedic Seminars

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from debilitating orthopedic pain, it’s time to take control of the problem. Join St.Vincent for a FREE casino online orthopedic seminar and find out how we’ve helped thousands of … Read more


OrthoIndy, St.Vincent bring Kenyan patient to Indiana for complex scoliosis surgery

Throughout January, associates at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent and community friends had the opportunity to spend time with an incredible, bright and loving young girl, Salma Suleman. Twelve-year-old Salma came to the United … Read more


Considering joint replacement surgery? Quit smoking first.

Many of the health problems caused by tobacco use are well known. Most anyone can tell you it causes lung and oral cancer, chronic lung disease, and heart disease. But fewer people know that smoking tobacco also adversely affects bone health. In … Read more


Report: More Younger People Opting for Joint Replacement Surgery

Once strictly the domain of people 60 and older, joint replacement surgery has become increasingly common among younger patients in recent years. l takes an in-depth look at why joint replacement is increasingly an option for younger patients. … Read more


Ask the Expert: Joint Replacement 101

“Ask the Expert” is a new, recurring feature on Medicine & Movement. Today’s topic is joint replacement surgery, and our expert is Norman Mindrebo, M.D, a board certified orthopedic surgeon with a fellowship certification in Sports … Read more


Carol’s Story: How Knee Replacement Surgery Can Change A Life

Meet Carol Henshaw. Prior to undergoing total knee replacement surgery at St.Vincent in August 2010, she was in pain almost every day. Walking even short distances was nearly too difficult to bear. And stairs Karma does this … Read more


Comfort Comes First at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital

Comfort is crucial when recovering from an orthopedic condition, injury, or surgery. In addition to being nationally recognized for its excellent care, the orthopedic unit at St.Vincent Carmel provides patients with a uniquely … Read more