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AAOS: Exercise Caution if Participating in Extreme Winter Sports

Posted: 01/28/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

Snowboarding. Snowmobiling. Downhill skiing. Snow biking. For some people, winter is the perfect time of the year to get outside and enjoy one of the many exciting “thrill sports” associated with snowy weather. But the American Academy of … Read more


Is Hip Replacement Surgery Right For You?

Posted: 01/28/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

Hip replacement surgery — also known as arthroplasty — is a procedure in which the dysfunctional parts of the hip joint are replaced with new, artificial parts. In recent years, the operation has become more common as advances in medical … Read more


New Guidelines Suggest Osteoporosis Screenings For Younger Women

Posted: 01/21/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

Doctors have historically recommended osteoporosis screenings to women aged 65 and over. But a new study in the Jan. 18 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that some younger women should get screenings, too. Newly released … Read more


Knee Pain? It Could Be Osteoarthritis.

Posted: 01/18/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

For many people, occasional knee pain is a simple fact of life. And the pain often becomes worse as one gets older. Diagnosing the cause of knee pain is the first step to relieving it. And for many aging Americans, it can be attributed to a … Read more


Is Joint Pain Really Affected By Weather Changes?

Posted: 01/18/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

Many people claim to experience a worsening of joint symptoms with changes in the weather. But are they experiencing real pain, or is it just simple superstition? There”s no doubt that changes in the weather can affect a person”s health: … Read more


St.Vincent Sports Performance: Tackling Concussions in Indiana

Posted: 01/12/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

During the 2010 NFL season, sports-related concussions became a hot-button topic as football players repeatedly endured harrowing hits on the field. To the NFL’s credit, it has taken several measures to protect its players. But who’s protecting … Read more

Calcium Tablets and Milk

Vitamin D and Calcium: How Much Do You Need?

Posted: 01/11/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

In response to recent studies on vitamin D, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently issued new guidelines on vitamin D and calcium consumption. Although the panel said  more research is needed to determine the role vitamin D might play in … Read more


Researchers Developing “Biological” Joint Replacement

Posted: 01/12/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

What if doctors could take a patient’s cells and grow an entirely new joint, replacing the old one with a biological joint? That’s the question a team of University of Missouri and Columbia University researchers are trying to answer. In fact, … Read more


Matters of the Heart at St.Vincent Sports Performance

Posted: 01/04/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

You’ve seen the stories on the television news: One minute, a young athlete is running up and down the court or field; the next, he’s suffering from an unexplained cardiac event. Sometimes, these stories have happy endings. Other times, they … Read more


Getting Fit in 2011: Tips and Trends

Posted: 01/07/2011 by St.Vincent Editorial Staff

It’s well known that obesity is strongly related to joint problems. And it’s currently projected that nearly 75 percent of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2019. What better time than the new year to start beating obesity, and joint pain … Read more